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T. Ryan Contracting, Inc.

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    Flat Roof Repair

    Flat Roof Repair Company Serving Broward, Monroe and Palm Beach Counties, FL

    T. Ryan Contracting serves clients in the state of Florida, servicing all of the Florida Keys, Monroe County, Key West, Marathon, Lower and Upper Keys as a flat roof repair company. Having your roof leak is something that every homeowner dreads. However, the expert team at T. Ryan Contracting are experts at flat roof repair and restoration.

    When you roof leaks it does not always mean the entire roof needs to be replaced. In many cases we are able to solve the problem before it gets to that point. Below are some of the most common issues that lead to flat roofs leaking. For more in depth information or to schedule a consultation today please Contact us at 305.872.9214.

    Common Problems that Lead to Repairs

    • Flat roof sagging and has ponding water present

    • Slipping: Delaminating / Sliding

    • Torn/Cracked/Broken Surface

    • Offset Not Correct

    • Ponding Water

    • Improper Number of Fasteners

    • Improper Fastener Installation

    • Improper Fastener Type

    • Fasteners Uplifting

    • No Starter Strip

    • Flat Tie-In not Sealed Properly

    • Backwater Laps

    • Flashing Rusting

    • No Sealant at Flashings

    • Valley Metal Buckling

    • Gable End Flashing Not Correct or Present

    • Boot Lapped/Sealed Correctly

    • Vent not Lapped/Sealed Correctly

    • Plastic Boots Used

    • Metal Eve Flashing not Sealed Properly

    • No Metal Flashing Installed

    • Metal Flashing Uplifting

    • Ell Flashing Behind Wall Surface

    • Flashing Seams Separating

    • No Wall Cap/Coupling

    • Pitch Transition not properly Flashed

    • Counter Flashing Loose

    • Fair/Unfair Metals Touching

    • Pan Roof Tie-In Not Correct

    • Granules Loss

    • Fiberglass Intermat Showing

    • Flat: Sprayed Polyurethane Foam

    • Torn/Cracked/Broken Surface

    • Roof Recovered Offset Not Correct

    • Improper Number of Fasteners

    • Flat: Tar & Gravel

    • Torn/Cracked/Broken Surface

    • Fiberglass Intermat Showing

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