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Flat roof systems are much more complicated than pitch roofs. Their complexity requires a special expertise not all roofers possess. . Before deciding on a roofer or a roof system do your homework. You’ll find the truth hiding behind theories and salesmanship. In flat roofing especially, the old adage is more important than ever, “You get what you pay for.”

The Staff at T. Ryan Contracting are fully qualified in flat roof replacement. From our first consultation through project completion you can rest assured the job is done with expert craftsmanship and consideration of your budget. From removing and replacing all rotted sheathing and wood fascia through installation of new premium and project appropriate Roofing materials. At TRC we get every job done in a time efficient manner.

Flat Roof Replacement Process

    • Prepare project for demolition by protecting grounds and surrounding landscaping with protective tarpaulins
    • Re fasten existing wood deck using 8p galvanized ring shank nails in accordance with latest building codes.
    • Remove existing roof system completely

    • Remove and replace any and all rotted roof sheathing and fascia.
    • Document refastening by writing project info on woo deck with tape measure showing new nails spacing , permit number , address and home owner name and taking several photographs to forward to owner and building department . This is needed for wind mitigation ( discount)

    • Every roof we install in the Florida keys then gets a complete covering of secondary waterproof underlayment (high temp Peel and Stick)
    • This layer of protection is also documented by photographs and is also a factor to be considering for wind mitigation discounts

    • We would then install an insulation system ad required by owner and or project budget . Flat roofs would have a tapered or pitched insulation system installed providing a positive slope for proper water drainage.

    • Specially design a high wind resistant , TPO/PVC energy star rated single-ply roof system including membrane, flashings, vents, boots, curbs, and fasteners entire roof area.

    • Install TPO/PVC membrane over entire roof area using heavy duty screws and plates fastened beneath seam overlap . Seam would then be
      electrically heat welded by field robot ( no hand welding filed seams!)

    • Install TPO/PVC membrane flashing to all adjacent vertical walls , roof mounted curbs etc…in full accordance with latest manufacturer
    • Install new perimeter metal flashings including fascia bar – fascia cap – drip edge, fastened 6″ on center.
    • Install new GAF boots over plumbing stacks, weld-band-seal, where applicable.

  • Install GAF safety walk-pad from roof access point to a/ c units for roof traffic.
  • Exclusive Ten (10) year labor guarantee on all work performed from T.Ryan Contracting in addition to any material warranted direct from product manufacturers.
  • Extreme Clean up and remove all debris. Use magnet to remove fasteners from lawn.

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