I was blessed when T-RYAN Contracting Inc. offered to undertake my roofing project. These expert contractors, (Florida State Certified Contractors since 1983), restored my faith that construction contractors out there you can trust with your most valuable asset; your home still exist. The owner is sympathetic to challenges faced by homeowners in south Florida. His company can be trusted to provide the best service possible – GUARANTEED.

Unlike other contractors, which seem to be a construction training course for unskilled laborers to develop their incompetence at the expense of the home owner, T-RYAN Contracting Inc.’s expert contractors showed up to work on day one early, motivated and eager to “git ‘er done”!! This crew of professionals accomplished 2 weeks of work in just four days. It looked like that ole cartoon where all you see is arms, elbows, hammers and nails, moving around in a cloud of dust. They did it with discipline, attention to detail and just pure grit. Putting in twelve or fourteen hour days (or more) of true honest hard work, on a hot roof, in the scorching South Florida sun, is no cake walk. Then, if that were not enough, driving on like a Sherman tank, they continue after the sun goes down. Makes you wonder where Mr. Gould gets these men of steel! They are phenomenal, a reflection of their boss, honest hard workers ALL.

His crew is great, but Mr. Gould is outta this world, not only did he outbid the competition, he had me the initial quote within a day or two. Of the other three I consulted, two never bothered to call back and the other one was obviously not interested. His bid was like him – out in left field. Not Mr Gould – always professional, always interested, always ready to listen. When modifications were discussed the price quoted back was reasonable. He didn’t try running up his profit margin by gouging the customer for essentials.

Like surgeons – Mr. Gould obviously stays aware of the latest and best technology available on the market. A portion of my project was the flat roof. T-RYAN Contracting Inc. is “green” alright. He recommend this material I had never even heard of before. “Have you considered TPO because of the superior benefits it provides”?. “TPO?” I asked.

He explained; what Thermoplastic polyolefin was and that it is used in many types of commercial properties. TPO roofing is ENERGY STAR® certified and complements energy-efficient doors and windows (like the ones I have). It is a single-ply roofing membrane providing superior protection from ozone, UV rays, and chemical exposure. He explained that TPO roofing systems are durable, heat-reflective, and its highly energy-efficient properties are environment-friendly. He recommended TPO because it resists damage; impact and punctures, as well as to dirt build-up and other debris. It keeps your home’s interior cool and your utility bills low.

Tim Gould is a sincere and honest southern gentleman. When his name goes on it you know your job will get done RIGHT, ON TIME AND NBOT OVER BUDGET.

He’ll happily depart into the setting sun and the CUSTOMER WILL BE HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY FOR MANY YEARS AFTER.

Key West, Fl. U.S.A.
2 August 2017

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