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T. Ryan Contracting is a tile roof repair company serving clients in Florida, all of Monroe county, Key West, Marathon, Lower and Upper Keys. Having over 29 years experience owner and operator Tim has had the ability to master the repair of any tile roof. Passing on that expert knowledge to his team he has created the best roof repair company throughout the keys. If your tile roof is in need of repairs or if you are unsure we urge you to take a look at the many issues that could be causing roof problems below and then contact us at 305.872.9214 to set up a consultation today.

Common problems that lead to repairs

  • Missing Tiles
  • Slipping: Delaminating / Sliding
  • Torn/Cracked/Broken Surface
  • Offset Not Correct
  • Improper Number of Fasteners
  • Improper Fastener Installation
  • Improper Fastener Type
  • Fasteners Uplifting
  • Blown Off Cap
  • Flat Tie-In not Sealed Properly
  • Backwater Laps
  • Flashing Rusting
  • No Sealant at Flashings
  • Valley Metal Buckling
  • Gable End Flashing Not Correct
  • Boot Lapped/Sealed Correctly
  • Vent Not Lapped/Sealed Correctly
  • Plastic Boots Used
  • Metal Flashing Not Sealed Properly
  • No Metal Flashing Installed
  • Metal Flashing Uplifting
  • Ell Flashing Behind Wall Surface
  • Fasteners In The Valley
  • Flashing Seams Separating
  • No Wall Cap/Coupling
  • Off Ridge Vents not Angled
  • Pitch Transition not Flashed
  • Counter Flashing Loose
  • Fair/Unfair Metals Touching
  • Pan Roof Tie-In not Correct
  • Drip Edge with Flat Shelf
  • Tile Mortar Cap Loose
  • Tile Roof Cemented
  • Duro-Loc Installed
  • Tile Cap in Valley
  • Rake Tiles Held Only With Mortar, no Mechanical Fastener
  • No Ridge Anchor Installed
  • Not All Tiles Are Fastened
  • Battens Causing Water Backup
  • Double #30lb Underlayment
  • TLead Flashings On A Tile Roof
  • No Eve Riser Installed
  • Concrete Eve Riser
  • Tiles Sliding Off Roof
  • Chipped Tile Corners

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